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1. Drugs Without The Hot Air.
Minimising the harms of legal and illegal drugs

by Professor David Nutt (2012)

David Nutt was famously sacked from his job as drugs advisor to the British Labour Government. He'd made the mistake of standing firm in his opposition to a proposed "regrading" of cannabis to the highest risk category. In 2013 Professor Nutt was awarded the John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science.

Available as either ePub or PDF file.

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2. America's Longest War - Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs
by Steven B. Duke and Albert C. Gross (1999)

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3. Marijuana (Drugs - The Straight Facts)
by Randi Mehling (2003)

As the title suggests, this book offers a dispassionate overview of one of humanity's oldest drugs. Beginning with a concise history of the plant and its psychoactive extracts, the book covers all of the topic areas of concern to experienced users, teenagers, parents and law-enforcement officers. It never condemns, nor does it proselytise.

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4. The Cannabis Manifesto
by Steve DeAngelo (2015)

Written by the founder and CEO of the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, The Cannabis Manifesto delivers a clear, concise history of cannabis as a medicine, details the unintended consequences of prohibition, and considers its future as a regulated consumer product.

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5. Cannabis Use In Britain

by Matthew J. Atha (2001)

An academic examination of the situation in Britain, which briefly covers prevalence of cannabis use among different age groups, consumption patterns, initiation to drug use (the 'progression' theory), the types of cannabis available, methods of use, driving, medicinal use and possible future policy options.

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6. New Cannabis Grow Bible

The classic "how to" of cannabis growing, making hash and other topics

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7. The Cannabis Breeder's Bible

This is not a beginners' guide to cannabis cultivation. This book is about advanced marijuana cultivation and breeding. Although this book will teach you advanced cannabis concepts it will not teach you the basics. If you want to learn growing then get the Cannabis Grow Bible (above).

cannabis breeder's bbible

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8. Build This Bong

The beauty of bongs is that they are such simple devices, they can be made from almost anything. Some basic tools are required, but no special skills are necessary. This book shows you how to make a variety of bongs. It also covers hookahs, which are similar to bongs but have a length of hose through which the smoke is inhaled, as well as a few pipes. The projects contained herein range from simple to elaborate, and use materials that may either be found around the house or easily obtained.

[tokemaster note: This is a brave amateur attempt at a scanner copy of the text on 52 double pages. It's quite readable, though you'd do best to look at a single page at once, with it zoomed in close. The diagrams are fine at this level of zoom, and the text a little blurred, but clear enough. So far, this is the best gratis source of the book I have found.]

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9. Organic Marijuana, Soma Style

Happy plants make happy grass. A guide to growing strong and
healthy marijuana plants without the use of harmful chemicals.
Written by Soma, an award-winning breeder and cultivator.

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10. Hallucinogens (Drugs - The Straight Facts)
by Randi Mehling (2003)

Sister volume to book #3 (Marijuana: Drugs - The Straight Facts)
A very thorough book which deals with the history of these drugs, their use, psychedelic effects, health effects and legality. Recommended.

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11. The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook
by Robyn Griggs-Lawrence (2015)

This cookbook is a compilation of twelve chefs' and one barkeeper's wisdom, honed after decades of experimenting with cannabis. These chefs have seen cannabis and good food heal people time and time again. They understand the plant's power, and they're making it possible for everyone to incorporate that power into a healthy lifestyle. This is about fully embracing cannabis as a sacred herb, and Robyn Griggs Lawrence encapsulates it in this book - a cannabis culinary journey written from the right side of history.

cannabis kitchen cookbook

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12. Ecstasy - The Complete Guide

A comprehensive look at the risks and benefits of MDMA.

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13. Hashish - The Joy Of Making And Curing

Colour illustrations of the extraction and pressing involved in making hash.

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14. Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

by Michael Backes (2014)

Evidence-based information on using cannabis for ailments and conditions, plus a comprehensive guide to the most popular varieties. The most comprehensive, easy-to-use book available on understanding and using medical marijuana

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15. Cooking With Cannabis

by Laurie Wolf (2016)

Laurie Wolf knows more than a little about cooking with cannabis. Her award-winning edibles company, Laurie & Maryjane, develops and sells sweet and savory products that incorporate medical marijuana to dispensaries around Portland, Oregon.

cooking with cannabis

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