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Whether you use rollup, bong, vape, dabs or edibles,
it is a powerful time to be connected to one of humankind's
oldest plant allies. Cannabis legislation is changing across the
world. While there have been a few backward steps, a
growing agreement holds the "war on drugs" to be a
colossal mistake and there are increasing numbers
of regions where using cannabis is safe.

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thc molecule
THC molecule
  drug risks - March 2007

assessment of various drug harms

An assessment by clinical experts of the risks posed by various legal
and classified drugs in Britain produced the unsurprising result that
cannabis ranks below alcohol and tobacco in a whole basket of
risk factors (physical harm, dependence, social harm) - see
the graph of the risks compared.


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 Marijuana - The Straight Facts

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From the text:
quoteFor thousands of years, cannabis has enjoyed historical significance as a recreational drug, a useful fiber, an oil, an edible seed, and a medicine. It has been used to aid religious practices, alter mood (psychoactive effect), stimulate creativity, treat disease, relieve anxiety and boredom, enhance sensory experience and pleasure, rebel against authority, and go along with peer influence. That is a lot of work for one plant to do.

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