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  The Vaults Of Erowid

Good information on various psychoactives, some images and recipes.

  Scam Cannabis

The Internet is full of scam sites selling dope; this site seeks the truth about such sites.


Jack Herer is often cited as an important figure in recent changes to cannabis legislation in the USA. He proclaims that "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" in these well written essays about the legality of marijuana.

UK Cannabis Internet Activists

The campaign to decriminalise cannabis in the UK for medical and recreational use.

the Cannabist

Denver, Colorado-based cannabis magazine. It is "a place of ideas, people, art, food and news", so mainstream it has salaried writers and reviewers.

A global social networking site for the legalized cannabis industry. Tries rather too overtly to link you to dispensaries if you are US-based, but otherwise a helpful resource.

  The Travel Joint 

Claims to be the world's only cannabis travel and leisure site with hotels, flights, 420-rentals, dispensaries, tours, events...

  High Times Magazine

High Times goes back to 1974. Articles, campaigns, photos, headshop...

International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

Information on cannabis as a medicine. Enormous archive of bulletins for download.


"Drugs-forum is an information hub of high-standards and a platform where people can freely discuss recreational drugs in a mature, intelligent manner."


A useful analysis of the present drug legislation in India by Molly Charles.

FC Vaporizer Review

Looking to change to a healthier way of consuming cannabis? This forum will help you choose a vaporiser


DrugWise is a UK charity which provides authoritative and reliable information on all aspects of drugs and drug harms.

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