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The downloads below are free to use. Enjoy them as you will, but be aware that they are my own work and I have released them under the Creative Commons licence (click the link or button on the left for information).

All screensavers are Windows only (no MacOS or Android) and suitable for all versions of Windows. The screensavers include an easy install/uninstall wizard to help you set them up on your computer.

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Cannabis Screen Saver: Smilies

with installer

What could be more relaxing than floating into a botanical environment where feathery leaves drift about the green backdrop? This screensaver has animated cannabis leaves and smilies that will bring an idiotic grin to your desktop. Suits all monitor sizes. New version for 2016.

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(size: 2.5MB)

Cannabis Screen Saver: Herbal Remedy

with installer

Historical and modern preparations of the cannabis plant used as medicine. A celebration of the remarkable properties of this natural remedy, with a peaceful background of ripples and gentle motion from leaves moving across your screen. Suits all monitor sizes. No sound.

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(size: 3.0MB)

Cannabis Screen Saver: Swelling
Heads (HD)

with installer

Luscious, resin-laden heads swell and expand to fill your monitor with this screensaver. With a native resolution of 1600x1200 pixels, it should fill an average size monitor screen. Compelling remix of well-known guitar solo piece as background music.

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(size: 9.2MB)

Cannabis Screen Saver: Bongs Vapes Dabs

with installer

Two bongs, a vaporiser and a dabrig jostle for space on the Big Green. Meanwhile, a lustrous bushy head and a single cannabis leaf slither beneath. Glassware and software. This screensaver suits all monitor and all headband sizes.

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(size: 9.8MB)

Cannabis Screen Saver: Heads Spin

with installer

A screensaver which features a hash-up of shaggy cannabis heads spinning and coalescing on your monitor. As you watch the greenscape build, a thick and sticky trance soundtrack starts to pulse. Plenty of motion and twirl. Suits medium monitor sizes.

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(size: 2.6MB)

Cannabis Screen Saver: Channel Kush (full HD)

with installer

channel kush

This screensaver soars into space with spicy purple and plum kush. Movement consists of three sprites with extra trichome detail and saturated purple hues flying across a dynamic background of aurora and nebula. Intentional Spaced Station? In full HD (1920x1080 pixels) with sound. Suits large monitors.

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Download me!
(size: 78.9MB)

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This screensaver requires a Flash player installed on your computer to show correctly. If you have Flash installed in your browser, you'll be OK (but not with Chrome/Chromium, which has integrated Flash), if you don't, then visit the Adobe site to install a free player.

You will need an unzipping utility for these downloads. Windows XP and newer have this included, but other users will need to visit 7-Zip and get a free unzipper. Once unzipped, the included text file gives more information about using and installing.

The screensavers work with all current (and many earlier) versions of Microsoft Windows (Win 9x, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10). They have been tested on desktop/notebook and tablet interfaces. However, these screensavers are not recommended for mobile devices such as smartphones. They will not work at all on iPhones or Android devices.

spyware free   spyware-free download - please see the Virus Total results for each screensaver

All screensavers which include sound have the option to switch it off.

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