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Rupees India - live rates

€1.00 EUR = INR
$1.00 USD = INR
£1.00 GBP = INR
$1.00 AUD = INR

Rupees Nepal - live rates

€1.00 EUR = NPR
$1.00 USD = NPR
£1.00 GBP = NPR
$1.00 AUD = NPR

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Low-Impact Travel
Tips for responsible travel which help you to minimise your impact when you stay in hotels, use transport, buy food and drink.

World Time
Times around the world, with valuable information about daylight-saving offsets and other details.

MasterCard ATM Locations
Worldwide Automatic Teller machine locator for cash withdrawal using MasterCard.

Cyber Cafés Worldwide
A database of over 4200 Internet cafes in 140 countries.

Travel with a laptop
If you are considering bringing your own computer on the trip, this useful article offers tips about security for the physical machine and the data it contains, and a suggestion for a suitable carry bag.

Offset Your Travel CO2 Emissions?
Carbon credits from tree planting are a phoney climate fix! This site persuades you not to pay for such things in order to offset the CO2 released on a typical, long-haul flight.

Travel Wiki - Asia
A great idea for a set of dynamic, Frequently Asked Questions about Asia. Travellers continually add to and edit the information contained here, which makes it as current as possible.

World Weather
As the name implies - select a city, and get current conditions, plus a table of average temperature and rainfall through the year.

Visa Requirements
Do you need a visa and how much will it cost? Do you need a return ticket? This search engine gives various counties' visa requirements for most nationalities.

Embassy Search
Directory and search engine of the world's embassies and consulates.

Map Of India
A zoomable map of India which can be magnified to street level in the towns and cities. Very useful, as it utilises Google Earth but allows fast city searchesl. 

Pollution in India
Many visitors are concerned about the levels of air pollution in India's cities. Due to the unbridled growth in private vehicles and goods lorries, this has rocketted in recent years. This site shows real-time air quality for Delhi. Enter another city name at the top right, or use the map.

"The hitchhiker is there so someone can do their good deed for the day."
Are you moving by the most basic method of all? This Wiki shows that hitch-hiking is not dead. Helpful info for newbies, notes on cities for the experienced.

World Travel Map
A map of places you have visited. Just tick where you have been and generate a map showing how much of the world's land you've been on.
Here's the map I made showing my travels - quite modest, isn't it?

So it may not be a secret to many, but if you don't know about Couchsurfing you'll be missing out on a great (and inexpensive) travel opportunity. It's all about shared hospitality, like travel was in days of yore. Couchsurfing members now number millions, and I was impressed by the site's privacy policy.

Uttarakhand, India

My first footfalls on the winding road of foreign travel came in 1976. Along the way I've passed through or halted in many countries in Europe, Australasia and Asia, with time away from 'home' (somewhere I have defined as different locations at various times - currently it's Austria) presently totalling over eight years. Here is a collection of pages on this site of interest to travellers. I hope you'll find my information and pictures helpful and inspiring for planning your trip (or maybe for remembering one you went on), as you will the selection of external links over on the right side

Hard information and a few soft options

Tips and hints for budget travellers in Asia
FAQs with my own answers about how to take your money and how much it will cost, how to stay healthy, how to use Asian toilets, how to choose hotel rooms, travelling in the monsoon, dealing with beggars. Nearly forty topics are covered. View online or download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. 

Travelling with a mobile device
Many travellers like to feel connected when they travel. Whether you tote a tiny phone or a whole menagerie of connected devices along with you, this section has topics you might find useful. Choosing a smartphone, dongle or a notebook computer, improving your security through using a VPN, and getting online with your connected device in a new country are all covered.  

Blogging about my highs and lows
My written journals from on the road in India. You can access previous blogs back to 2002 - journals of three months' journeying through the high lands and hilly lands of India, most with photos. If you just want to see trip pictures, go here.

Other travellers whose sites I like
These sites are a mixture of old and new, with photographers, walkers, cyclists and writers. Throw another log on the fire and keep surfing...

Security and safety make sense wherever you are

Security and privacy when you connect online while travelling
Read this if you are expecting to use your own computer, tablet or smartphone (or are resorting to Internet cafés) when you travel. My own tips for dealing with the risks to your online privacy whether you use Wi-Fi or use your own cellular network provider.

Take your own portable email and Firefox browser
Do you plan to check email from Internet cafés when you are travelling? Minimise the risk of losing your personal information (often called "identity theft") with cafeKlysm. It's my personal bundle of (mostly open-source) portable software. You get portable Internet browsing and telephony programs to load on your USB flash drive, plus photo editing applications and my 85-page help file. It is entirely free.

Make your own money belt and stay secure
My own pattern for a simple, zipped security pouch you can sew yourself, and which you can adapt to suit your needs. It costs less than half what you'd pay for a ready-made belt and probably lasts as much as three times longer. You can make the belt with a sewing machine (or by hand) and it's simple enough to put together even if you are a beginner.

A feeling for foreign travel - read about it, see the photos

Travel-related downloads
A book on that most basic of functions (useful when trekking): "How To Shit In The Woods", Frank Smythe's classic account of his walk in the Indian Himalaya, iPhone tips and other useful downloads to smooth your trip.

Travel Photo Gallery
Some of my pictures from wandering, cycling or living in Australia, Austria, India and Crete.

Panorama photographs
Very large photographs you can pan around and zoom into and out of. Viewpoints that extend 270° in some cases. Australia, Austria and India. The panoramas create a virtual reality perspective using HTML5, meaning you need no QuickTime or Flash plugin in your browser.

Now over to you...

View a survey - recreational drugs, toilets, trekking permits, changes...
Look at the result of travel and lifestyle surveys run from this site previously.

Send an electronic postcard
Send a card with a choice of photographs from my collection. Each card can be customised with font, background colour and (if you wish) music. Simple to send, and unlike many sites, the card your friend sees is advertisement- and spyware-free.

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