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30-01-16: Added an ebook (PDF) in the download zone, The Valley Of Flowers by Frank Smythe.

02-01-16: One new screensaver added to the download zone.

20-12-15: Two new screensavers added to the download zone.

08-12-15: Complete update and rewrite for the online zone. Now focuses on online privacy on the move, and Windows 10 spyware removal.

Four new ebooks added to the tokezone bookshelf: Cannabis Pharmacy, Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, Cannabis Manifesto and Cannabis Breeder's Bible.

11-11-15: The site search engine has changed. Some optimisation still going on, so please forgive any unusual results here.

06-11-15: A gallery within the India binder is completed - Himachal Pradesh.

20-10-13: Two new galleries added to the gallery zone. The newest bicycle trip to Australia and a visit to Crete.

31-10-13: A large DDoS attack was directed at my hosting provider today. This resulted in 3.5 hours' downtime on the site as its IP was re-routed.

After trials with CloudFlare for four months, I abandoned it. It didn't speed the site - in fact, the response times became longer, and there was always an image-caching problem.

Rejigging of the site is complete: side menu and "You are in..." headers zapped and a new, frame-free design adopted. The site was modified "live," so you might have witnessed some strange effects over the last three days. The switch needed each and every page on the site to be examined and recoded to remove frameset redirects, but as the Xmas break is the quietest time for visitors, it seemed like a good period to choose.

The uptime results for this site over the last twelve months are very impressive: the server has been down for just seven minutes in 365 days. Which means the site has been here for you 99.99866% of the time!

02-05-2016: Countries our visitors are from:

02-05-2016: Which computer operating systems people are using when they visit:

Windows 10 users represent about 2.4% of all site traffic - fractionally above the retired Windows XP. Android users are in second place at 6% of the traffic here. In the countries statistics, it seems that most visitors from the Ukraine and the Russian Federation are visiting the site with the intention to scan or hack.

Some of the plans for the site in the next 12 months (my "to do" list):

1. Extending number of panoramas

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